Travel Candles

At Rooi, we have candles that you can use home or away. These mood-lifting candles provide a slow burn, allowing for a relaxing and sensual atmosphere wherever you go. Our candles make you feel warmth and deliver a comforting glow, and sweet, fresh aromas. Blending essential oils with unique fragrances, we have a high-quality set of travel candles. These candles are perfect for anyone.

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Unwind and relax with our candles no matter where you are. With these candles, you can take some home comfort when on your travels. They also serve as an easy update to your home, ensuring for a stunning aroma. Our candles are stylish and elegant, enriching your living space with sensual fragrances. If you’re seeking a bursting scent, look no further than our travel candles. Shape the mood with the scent and refresh your space in an instant. If you crave beautiful aromas, we promise you won’t be disappointed.