Apothecary Candles

Apothecary candles, presented in fine porcelain jars, are a great addition to any home. We have a high-quality and charming assortment, that have been crafted to perfection. As always, we have only chosen the best candles. From lemons scents to rosemary and thyme, each of our apothecary candles produces their own unique aromas. You’ll be able to make the atmosphere in your home stand out from the rest. Evoke moods and memories with our luxury candles.

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Our gorgeous range of apothecary candles are filled with the perfect fragrance and they have been made as vintage-style jars. We have a great assortment of candles that’ll enliven any room, creating a sweet and subtle background aroma that you can settle and relax in. These candles will delight and stimulate all your senses while providing a warm glow. Their stylish appearance makes them great decorative pieces in your home as well.