Kate Spade Umbrellas

We have an exceptional collection of luxury and designer umbrellas. Kate Spade’s umbrellas won’t just keep you dry from the rain, they will deliver uncompromising style and sophistication whenever you go for a stroll. These umbrellas are bursting with colour and vibrancy, and they will no doubt enrich your personal style. We have a great selection so you’ll most certainly find an umbrella that suits you, and showcases your personality. Rooi always delivers absolute luxury.

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Why not experience the tranquillity of our Kate Spade umbrellas? Our Kate Spade collection of umbrellas are bestowed with unique and creative features, delivering style and sophistication while shielding you from the rain. Our umbrellas will set you apart from the rest, creating a distinctive exuberance. At Rooi, we live to enhance personal style and ensure durability and comfort.