Kate Spade Agendas

We have an excellent range of agenda notebooks from Kate Spade, a luxury designer known for their bold and stylish accessories. Always stay on schedule with our agendas and planners, in great colours and unique patterns. These stylish Kate Spade Agendas boast monthly and weakly spreads to keep you organised. You’ll never have to worry about being disorganised again with our agendas. We have a large selection to choose from, so take your pick.

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If you’re looking for luxury agendas with a personal touch, our Kate Spade agendas and planners are the way to go. These agendas pack one hell of a stylish punch, available in a range of different colours and patterns. There is something here for everyone. Designed for long-lasting use, they’ll keep you organised in style. They can easily fit in your handbag, so you use your planner on the go.