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  • 5 Simple Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside This Spring

    With spring comes warmer months, brighter skies and - unfortunately - hay fever; a season of sneezing for the unlucky. But there’s nothing quite like the scents and scenery that the outdoors reliably brings every spring. How do we get the fresh, natural goodness from the outside, inside our home? It’s (actually) pretty easy. Here are five simple ways to bring the outdoors inside this spring with our top home hacks to break down those walls between your home and your garden.Paddywax CandlesFresh flowers and plants

    Brighten up your home with a splash of green and vibrant colours. Gathering potted plants and fresh flowers is the best place to start when bringing the outdoors inside. Use vases to display flowers and create a focal point in the room, while keeping smaller plants pots on windowsills. Our stunning Paddywax Urban range of candles are perfect for doing this; the concrete vessels which the candles are presented in, are perfect for displaying outside or indoors, but better yet, once the candle has finished burning, you can repurpose the vessel and plant a small succulent plant inside. In fact, all Paddywax candles are designed to do just this - repurpose the containers!

    Rattan furniture and accessories

    Rattan furniture doesn’t just have to be for the outdoors. You could create a cosy, garden-like corner by including this type of furniture inside your home. Whether it’s rattan or another material, like wood or bamboo, add some natural materials into your home for spring. Also, add some seasonal kitchenware like lemon baskets for an even fresher environment.

    MUNIO candlesSpring Candles & Scents

    Your house only looks as good as it smells! If you really want to channel some natural vibes inside your home, make sure you include some fresh and spring flower-based scented candles. With candles like these, it can be the first day of spring every day! These also make great gifts for birthdays, housewarming parties and wedding presents. Our new Munio candle range is great for incorporating the outdoors into your home, with the stunning herbs and dried flowers pressed around the outer-edge for a beautiful presentation.

    Tropical cushions

    It might be time to replace those cushions on your sofa that you’ve had for years - yes, the one with the dog bite in the corner. Transform your home into an indoor paradise by opting for tropical cushions, a palm leaves cushion, colourful throws, and even a fun flamingo cushion.

    NKUKU Photo FrameArtwork

    Artwork is always the final piece of the puzzle. Fundamental tip: picking the right artwork can transform the look and feel of your home. You don’t have to go for massive portraits, but you could opt for tiny antique sets to display keepsakes and photos inspired by natural beauty. Maybe pick up some interesting leaves on your next walk to work and do some leaf pressings. The NKUKU Danta Antique Copper frames are perfect for pressing flowers into, presenting handwritten letters or even displaying your own artwork.

    There are plenty of ways you can ensure the spirit of the great outdoors lives inside your home this spring. With these tips, you can easily create a natural atmosphere that’ll charm anyone who steps foot inside your humble abode.

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  • 100% Natural Products at Rooi for Earth Day 2017

    Earth Day is an annual event which is celebrated on April 22nd all across the globe, with worldwide leaders showing passion and determination to help change the world in a better, greener and eco-friendlier way. It all began in 1970 where Earth Day was first celebrated for the first time and continues to be in in over 193 countries to help make a difference year after year. Here at Rooi, we want to pick no better time than this event, to share with you the brands we stock that are 100% natural, organic and eco-friendly.

    L:A Bruket

    A brand we’ve grown to love more and more each day is L:A Bruket; a brand whose story will inspire you from start to finish – although the journey still continues. The founder Monica Kylén is a trained ceramic artist, who started out creating her very own line of homeware products that required an additional item to demonstrate the functionality of her products; natural soap. After searching high and low and unable to find anything that suited her vision, Monica decided to make her own. This began as, and still operates as today, L:A Bruket.

    LA Bruket Earth Day 2017Everyone behind the brand and products believes in drawing inspiration from a close relationship to nature, which is why their products are so natural and beautiful. Living the coastal way of life is for everyone according to this brand, but why? Simply put, everyone has a connection with the coast for their own reasons; inspiration, finding love, memories, or for peace and tranquility.

    LA Bruket Seaweed Earth Day 2017Every single morning, the seaweed used in L:A Bruket’s products is harvested from the coastal shorts of the Kattegatt Sea between Sweden and Denmark – all of which is done by hand; a process that takes time and dedication, but is done with passion and determination to provide an all-natural product to be kinder to your skin. The seaweed is then taken ashore and dried in open air shed.

    For centuries, people have followed this process and all because it’s a key ingredient for their products (alongside salt) to revitalize and nurture our skin.


    Meraki Earth Day 2017Meraki is a brand that is a celebration of everyday life; noting the small details of the everyday that makes all the difference. Designed and developed in Denmark, the brand offers the best possible quality and ingredients for their skincare, body care and candles, all of which is inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics. The brand boasts active and nourishing ingredients to provide you with a skincare regime that will do absolute wonders to your skin. Browse our Editor’s picks of Meraki products for our recommendations.


    MUNIO candles Earth Day 2017Now for something a little different from natural beauty products – candles! Here at Rooi we’re mad for candles (if you couldn’t tell already), but a new arrival at Rooi couldn’t have come at a better time for Earth Day, and that’s the Munio range of natural candles. This range of small and large candles of various natural scents are made form 100% natural soy wax and herbs, taken from the Latvian countryside.


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  • 6 Stationery Staples for National Stationery Week 2017

    It’s National Stationery Week which means a week of celebrating all things stationery related – something we can definitely get behind here at Rooi. So, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing and put your imagination to work. Despite living in the digital age, putting pen to paper is still something to be enjoyed and relied on. Different colours, different styles, different purposes: there’s a lot of stationery on the market (especially here at Rooi). Here are some of our top tips for maximising your stationery game for National Stationery Week.

    National Stationery Week - NotebookFaye Floral Designer Notepad Agenda by Kate Spade New York

    Notebooks for maximum productivity

    Where should I start? We say: a notebook. It has been a trusted companion for writer and thinkers, do-ers and artists, for centuries. Truth is, you can’t go wrong with a trusty notebook at hand. Ensure you always go for quality when choosing your notebook.

    Stylish pencil case

    Keep all your pens, pencils and sharpeners in once place with a pencil case. With such a large variety on offer, no two pencil cases are the same. So, don’t settle for anything less than a stylish and quality pencil case that fits your personality. Who said there wasn’t room for a fashion statement during National Stationery Week?National Stationery Week Pencil SetDot the i's Pencil Set by Kate Spade New York

    Classy Pencil set

    Top quality pencils make a difference! If you haven’t used pencils since your school days, now’s the time. They may play second fiddle to your pens, but they are perfect for fine-tuned drawings and sketches. With the rise of adult colouring books, why not unwind after long day at work and get the tin of pencils out.

    Calligraphy Pen kit

    If you’re looking for the elegant and the beautiful, why not invest in a calligraphy pen kit. These sets come with an assortment of nibs and ink cartridges. They are made for both beginners and calligraphy enthusiasts. You could always opt for regular pen sets, but either way, they’re great for crafting that perfect letter or card to a loved one.

    Sticky note set

    Sticky notes are a classic way to store your ideas. You can stick them on your wall, desk or anywhere else you fancy, as long as it helps you remember the information. Whether you’re in the office, or at home working on a personal project, ensure you have your trusty sticky notes at your side.

    Gold Stapler

    I hear you, sticky notes may be useful, but they’re hardly a statement piece. The answer: Kate Spade’s Gold Staple. This stylish piece will bring organisation to your work space and files. Also, its eye-catching design will certainly brighten up any tedious tasks that come your way.

    National Stationery Week 2017For Good Measure Desk Accessories Set by Kate Spade New York

    Even if you just want to ramble in a diary, these 6 stationery staples will keep you constantly organised, motivated and inspired throughout National Stationery Week 2017! Want to treat yourself and your desk to something a little extra special? Browse our wonderful stationery category, our Kate Spade stationery collection, but also signup to our newsletter where you'll then receive 10% off your first order!

  • Brand Spotlight: Sunnylife

    Here at Rooi we love to mix things up and showcase the best of the best, which is why we’re excited to announce our newest brand to hit our online store - Sunnylife. If this brand doesn’t get you into the summer spirit, then we don’t know what will! From beach accessories, such as floats, armbands and beach towels, to fun and quirky candles, we know that Sunnylife is a brand you will LOVE.Sunnylife Beach TowelAbout Sunnylife

    Sunnylife was founded back in 2003 and has grown to become the world’s leading summer lifestyle brand, providing you with the best products to enhance the best parts of the summer; parties, lounging on the beach, swimming, hanging out with friends and family, plus rustling up a few summer cocktails.

    Sunnylife’s goal is to share Australia’s authentic summer style with the rest of the world, bringing the summer to you all year long. They’re a brand who deliver quality, style, innovation and more importantly - fun.Sunnylife Cactus Float Game

    Why We Love Them (& know you will too)

    Not only do we like to supply luxurious candles, tasteful kitchenware and 100% cotton linens, the team here at Rooi also love to provide you with fun, vibrant and exciting products that’ll either make life more enjoyable or help to spruce up your home with a pop of colour.

    The extensive range by Sunnylife includes beach towels, such as the Luxe Montauk which is a contemporary black and white design that’ll add luxury to the beach. But you’ll also find giant floats in all shapes and sizes, including a white or a stunning rose gold swan float, a flamingo float, or even rainbow, watermelon and pineapple shaped floats. If that’s not enough to get your summer started, then these floating drink holders will be a sure way to get the party started!

    Sunnylife Flamingo Candle

    Summer isn’t all about being out on the beach and under the sun all day long, but is also about those beautiful summer evenings where you can wind down and relax. That’s why Sunnylife have brought out these unique candles with fun shapes: pineapple, cactus and even flamingo candles, with tropical summer scents to liven your senses. Candles aren’t just for summer though, as these would make the perfect addition to your home all year round. Their vibrant colours and designs are the ideal way to brighten up and style every living space.

    Here are some of our favourite products from the range here at Rooi:


    1. Large Pineapple Candle / 2. Small Cactus Candle / 3. Flamingo Tea Light Candles / 4. Watermelon Tea Light Candles / 5. Rose Gold Flamingo Pool Float / 6. Large Montauk Beach Towel / 7. Rainbow Pool Ring Float / 8. Watermelon Pool Ring Float

    Looking to spruce up your home or turn your next beach party up a notch? Delve in and browse through the Sunnylife range and be sure to share your favourite products with us in the comments below.


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  • Our Favourite Wedding Accessories for a Summer Wedding

    The most popular dates for weddings in 2017 are in the summertime before Autumn arrives, when the days start to become cooler and the evenings draw darker. That means the wedding season is upon us and now is the time to start getting the gang together to shop for the perfect wedding outfit and wedding accessories, but to also ensure you’ve bought the best possible wedding gift! Below the team at Rooi have noted our very own styling tips to get you looking gorgeous for your friend or family’s big day, plus a small wedding gift guide to ensure you don’t arrive empty handed.

    Wedding accessoriesDress Code Rules

    We all get in a panic when it comes to picking and choosing an outfit and accessories, but so long as you follow these three simple rules, the rest should be easy.

    1 | Always avoid white or cream. Without a doubt, these are the two colours you should never think twice about. No matter how pretty that dress is you saw in the shop window, or how good you feel in that top and skirt duo, simply don’t do it. The only way you can get away with these two colours, is if there is a bright, colourful or fun design printed over to avoid looking like you’re trying to compete with the bride.

    2 | Dress to impress. We’ve all been there; either overdressed for an occasion, or rocked up wishing we wore something else. Neither is good. However, with a wedding it’s better to overdress. A wedding is a special occasion and regardless of where it’s located, the food they’re serving or how big or small the party is afterwards, you should always overdress.

    3 | Take a hint. When it comes to the practicality of your outfit, look back at your wedding invitation to get an idea of what to wear. Is it exotic and on the beach? Perhaps you should opt for a floral maxi dress or clothing that’s more lightweight material. Is it outside on the grounds of a manor house? Perhaps take a light jacket or scarf in case the sun disappears. Or is it inside? At this point, you’d want to wear what you feel comfortable in, but is easy enough for you to kick off your heels at the end of the day and get on the dancefloor with the friends and family.

    The Perfect Accessories for a Summer Wedding

    No matter what time of year a wedding is, understanding dress code and etiquette isn’t always easy, but come summer it’s always that little bit harder; will I be too hot in this? Do I need to take a jacket? What colour do I wear?! We’ve listed our top tips for what to wear to a summer wedding, just to help a friend out.

    Wedding Accessories - Scarves

    1 | Scarves are your best friend. We’re not talking chunky knits, but instead our stunning range of Janavi scarves, the Amet & Ladoue range or Cashmere by Rooi. These are the brands you need to look at which boast lightweight accessories which you can wear around your neck, but also unravel to use as a shawl if you wish to cover your arms or there suddenly becomes a slight chill when the sun disappears behind the clouds briefly.

    2 | If you’re wearing an outfit that’s quite vibrant, colourful or has a lot going on with the design, then opt for neutral accessories. Black or nude-coloured shoes will help to tone the outfit down a notch, whilst a simple clutch bag will ensure the attention isn’t drawn away from your outfit.

    3 | Choose your footwear wisely. We can all get carried away when a pair of shoes seem too good to be true, but be realistic. Can you really bear to be in 6” heels throughout the day? Be sensible with your choice, and your feet will thank you later! With a summer wedding, unless on a beach, never go for sandals. Rocking up in flip-flops isn’t going to do you any favours either. Opt for wedges, diamante pumps or a simple pair of stilettoes. Heeled ankle boots on the other hand may not be wise, as summer weather can be surprisingly hot in the UK!

    Wedding Gift Guide

    Wedding Gift Guide - Wedding Accessories1. Kate Spade Ice Bucket / 2. Kate Spade Guest Book / 3. Lene Bjerre Silver Photo Frame / 4. Max Benjamin Fiori Rosa Diffuser / 5. Mr & Mrs Thank You Card Set / 6. DL&Co Maison Blanche Candle / 7. Bride & Groom Mug Set by Keith Brymers / 8. Lene Bjerre ‘L’ Tealight Holder, ‘O’ Tealight Holder, ‘V’ Tealight Holder & ‘E’ Tealight Holder (sold separately) / 9. Miss to Mrs Kate Spade Tumbler / 10. Kate Spade Wine Tote Bag

    Make sure you pick the perfect wedding gift for your friend or family, with our small wedding gift guide to guide you through. Treat them to a bottle of bubbly paired with the Kate Spade wine bag, or even opt for the ice bucket so they can keep it cooler for longer. Better yet, give the happy couple a helping hand by gifting them a set of bridal thank you cards, so they can thank you later for your awesome present!


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  • Egg-ceptional: 6 Super Simple Easter Decoration Hacks

    Easter is coming! If you’re having the family over for Easter, maybe it’s time you start planning the perfect holiday season. Get the kids involved and customise your home with some fun décor and treats, by using these simple tips and tricks to stay stress-free. We know chocolate is at the forefront of most people's minds when it comes to this time of year, but steer clear of the sugar and start getting creative instead.

    Easter Decoration Hacks - Egg CupsInstant egg art

    Create your own Easter egg colours using nail polish, temporary tattoos or dye. Then, place them all in a large bowl for decoration. This seasonal bit of arts and crafts goes down a treat with the kids. Fancy it? Why not look at our egg cup set! After all, you’ve got to frame your eggs like the masterpieces they are.

    Personalised treat jars

    Fill up your kitchen jars with treats this Easter and place them around your home as a surprise for your guests. You can decorate them too! A jar makes for a great, stylish storage option for all that Easter chocolate – well, unless you’ve eaten it already.

    Easter Decoration Hacks - Spring vasesSpringtime decoration

    Ensure your home is rejuvenated with the fresh, clean vibes of spring. Gather a bouquet of flowers and tie them with a ribbon around an old umbrella, to hold it in place, then fit the umbrella on any door using tape, or hang it on a hook if you have one. Also, you could add some decorative pots for an extra dose of Spring, such as this trio of vases by NKUKU.

    Bunny napkins

    Create the perfect holiday table with Easter rabbit-shaped napkins. All it takes is a few simple folds to transform your napkin into a piece of Easter decoration. Makes sure you have the best placemats for a stylish finish to your dinner table. Showcase those napkin origami skills!

    Get the napkin fold directions here

    Think beyond decoration

    If you don’t want to spend money on decoration that you know you’re going to take down immediately after Easter. This rabbit cushion is a suitable alternative option. A little bit of Spring, all year round.

    Easter basket

    Simply fill a basket with various Easter treats, such as chocolate eggs for guests, bunny decorations and anything else that you think your family and guests will enjoy. Also, add some Easter banners around your home for even more decoration. If the basket is full of chocolate, watch where you leave it – could be gone before you know it!

    Follow these tips and bring an Easter flair to your home for a day to remember. From table settings and door decorations, you can use these simple hacks to make a big style statement this Spring.


  • Brand Spotlight: Meraki & House Doctor

    Everyone deserves a tranquil sanctuary that makes us feel comfortable, grounded and inspired, all at the same time. You can achieve all this with just one brand, which is a new arrival at Rooi – the Scandinavian-inspired range, Meraki. Meraki helps you to transform your home into a calm and peaceful refuge, with the collection of skin and body care products, plus candles, helping you to also create the perfect at-home spa treatment, so you can recharge after a long day.

    All products by Meraki are made from gentle and natural ingredients that are free of parabens, colourants and unnecessary additives. Just a few of the essentials from Meraki can help transform even the smallest of bathrooms into a harmonious retreat, creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home to help you wind down and relax.

    Below are our Editor's picks we highly recommend you trying out:

    Meraki Editors Picks1. Makeup Removal Wipes / 2. Sand Dunes Washing Up Liquid / 3. Bamboo Charcoal Hand Soap / 4. Bath Bombs / 5. Luxury Hand Cream / 6. Sandcastles & Sunsets Candle / 7. Sandalwood & Jasmine Candle / 8. White Natural Konjac Facial Sponge / 9. Maple Wood Hair Brush

    It doesn't stop there, as Rooi have also introduced another new brand to the website; House Doctor. This is a brand which believes everybody deserves a healthy home, giving your home the boost it needs for a more stylish, more inspiring and more personal home. At Rooi we feature a small selection of products by House Doctor, including placemats, makeup bags, tea towels and laundry bags to make your house a home.

    House Doctor is built with love and as a family-run interior design business, the whole team share the same creative gene and have similar beliefs in what makes a house a home and creates beautiful interiors for you to implement into any space and enjoy. Got a design emergency? House Doctor is always on standby to revitalize your home and give it that boost it needs.

    Below is the House Doctor range, available at Rooi:

    House Doctor Editors Picks1. Smile Makeup Bag / 2. Black & White Stripe Makeup Bag / 3. Full Potential White Makeup Bag / 4. Nature Grey Circle Placemat / 5. Black Circle Scandinavian Style Placemat / 6. Eye Test White Tea Towel / 7. Grey Spokes Placemat / 8. Nature Spokes Placemat / 9. Add Water & Soap Laundry Basket

    Want to try these brands out for yourself?

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  • Beauty & The Beast: It's National Pet Month!

    April is National Pet Month, which means we have a month-long celebration of pet ownership and the joy animals bring to our lives - plus its a better excuse to spoil them rotten, don't you think? Whether you're a dog lover,  a cat lover or even have your own collection of creepy crawlies, you may believe you and your furry (or eight-legged) friend have a special connection. If so, you may actually be onto something as there is a science behind the relationship between owners and their pets. Let’s take a deeper look at the sacred bond and the benefits that come from it, as our way of celebrating National Pet Month this April at Rooi.

    National Pet Month Dog BedCompanionship

    Whether you have a dog or a cat, the sheer presence of these animals can boost your mood in an instance. The moment you come home after a long day at work or running errands, your dog or cat is most likely there waiting for you to share all the love. Studies have shown that just being around an animal can reduce stress for us humans, as they provide companionship and promote friendly interactions with other people. Further studies have also shown that bonding and communicating with your pets can lower blood pressure, which means pets are good for our health as well as our well-being. I think that's a good enough excuse to shower your pet with even more love by treating them to a dog bed.

    Dogs can bond like babies

    If you have a dog, then you’ll know that they constantly crave attention. Research has shown that stroking and making eye contact with a dog can trigger oxytocin; the same feel-good chemical that occurs between a mother and her baby. Dr Miho Nagasawa is a specialist in animal science and states that “dogs successfully cohabit with humans because they have been successful in bonding mechanisms to relations with humans.” Dogs can enrich your life and the canine-human bonding process is essential to the well-being of owners and their pets. Get cosy on the sofa with your blanket to snuggle up to your best friend, but treat them to their own pet blanket to match!

    National Pet MonthPets are great for childhood development

    Pets can provide a source of unconditional love to your children. Having a pet around the home is a great way for kids to learn about responsibility, caring and valuable life lessons. The bond between an owner and pet, particularly dogs is based on emotional, physical and social interactions. For children, pets can offer emotional comfort and help with socializing.

    Pets and owners grow more alike over time

    It’s often regarded that pets are a reflection of their owners. Those who are more outgoing and playful are more likely to own a dog, while people who own cats tend to be more introverted. Professor Richard Wiseman, of the University of Hertfordshire conducted a study, which revealed that the longer a pet had been with the owner, the more likely they were to pick up characteristics. So, make sure you keep your pet for the long haul. Why not show how much you care by giving them a snuggle bed?

    Whether you have a cat or a dog, the bond you have with your pet is a wonderful thing. Showing them love and affection is the basis for any healthy relationship. They might drive you crazy every now and again, but let’s face it, they’re a part of the family and we don’t need science to tell us here at Rooi just how awesome they are!

    Luxury Doggy Treatments Infographic 01 Luxury Doggy Treatments Infographic 02


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  • How to Create the Ultimate at-home Spa Treatment

    A day at the spa sounds heavenly, but let’s be honest, not everyone has the time to book off work or to spend part of their weekend away from everyday errands to enjoy this luxury treat. All's not lost though, as Rooi have some tips for simple ways you can create the ultimate at-home spa treatment! So simply sit back, relax and enjoy your spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.

    Paddywax Hygge


    Begin your luxurious evening, or day, by setting the perfect scene for ultimate relaxation. Start by dimming the lights; you don’t want the main ceiling light on as these are too bright, so opt for a table lamp or perhaps some fairy lights if you have them to hand. You can create a little extra light, but a lot of warmth, by lighting your favourite candles too. If you’re going to opt for scented candles, be our guest, but ensure you know the do’s and don’t of scented candles before you begin lighting every single one.

    Richard Haworth Madison Towels


    Whether you’re coming home from work to an evening of luxury pampering, or dedicating an hour or two to some ‘Me Time’ on the weekend, begin your ultimate at-home spa treatment by taking a long bath or shower. Listen to some music, and sing along if you really want to, whilst you scrub away the day. If running a bath, drop in a Rose, Lavender or Lemongrass shea butter bath bomb by Meraki or a handful of bath salts by L:A Bruket.

    Upgrade your bath or shower routine by incorporating one of the infused bath sponges from the Spongelle range. Better yet, brighten up your bathroom with the use of a Pip Studio wash mitt. Use these with your favourite shower gel - our favourites are the beautifully scented Summer Fig shower gel by Durance and the truly refreshing Cucumber & Mint body wash by L:A Bruket. Finish off with a touch of body lotion to keep your skin hydrated. If you suffer from sensitive and dry skin, we highly recommend the Oatmeal & Shea Butter Hand & Body Lotion by Barr&Co.

    Once you’ve washed the day away, wrap yourself up in a luxurious towel to keep you warm and cosy, before dressing yourself into some light pyjamas and a luxury robe for ultimate comfort like no other.

    Deep Cleanse


    You can do this before, during or after your bath/shower, but either way, here are our top tips for perfectly refreshed skin and our editor’s picks. Start by taking a makeup removal wipe and removing as much makeup as you can with this alone. For the eye area, take a cotton pad and some eye makeup remover and gently wipe across the lids and lashes - prepare for Panda eyes!

    The best solution for truly refreshed skin, is to enjoy a deep cleanse. One of our newest arrivals will do just this, and that’s the White Natural Konjac Facial Sponge by Meraki. Made from 100% natural Konjac dietary fibre, this facial sponge helps to soften skin and gently exfoliate it for a natural glow. How to use: Simple massage the face and neck with the sponge for a minute or two - that’s it! No cleansing product is needed, as the sponge contains everything you need for a deep-cleanse. If you prefer to use your favourite cleansing product, opt for these disposable cotton wash cloths by Meraki.



    There’s nothing more refreshing than an ice cold drink, so why not opt for some lemon water? It’s refreshing, quick and easy to make, plus keeps you hydrated. Slice up a lemon and drop the slices and some ice into one of our tumblers for a zesty drink.

    Spend the rest of your day, or evening, in a tranquil paradise after your truly relaxing at-home spa treatment. Paint your nails, watch some TV or even going for a nice stroll for some fresh air.


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  • Learn Lagom: The Swedish Trend Taking Over Hygge

    Last year was all about embracing the cosiness of Denmark’s lifestyle export: Hygge. But there was always going to come to a point when a lifestyle of scented candles and lounging around in cashmere blankets got boring. Now is that time; move over Hygge, because there’s a new trend to indulge in. Say hello to Lagom - a Swedish lifestyle buzzword that’s sweeping through the UK.

    The infamous Swedish brand Ikea recently put on a range of workshops at London’s Stratford Westfield outlining the blue-and-yellow lifestyle philosophy. Lagom translates in general terms as ‘balance’. As a lifestyle, it centers on the idea to be the best you can be, you must strike a balance between work and play. It’s all about creating a happier, more sustainable and more aware lifestyle. Want a slice of Lagom living? Here we outline the ways you can achieve Lagom in 2017.


    Be more eco-friendly

    While Hygge centers around solitary comfort, Lagom is all about achieving moderation. An important part of Lagom is doing your bit for the environment. Whether it’s recycling or turning off electrical devices when not in use, making energy saving decisions should be a priority. You don’t have to go eco-crazy, but the spirit of Lagom is making those little changes and being in greater harmony with your environment. That's one reason we love the Paddywax Urban range of candles - once finished burning, simply reuse the pots as indoor or outdoor plant pots for a little greenery in and around your home.

    Manage your money more efficiently

    Always knowing and understanding the in-goings and out-goings of your bank balance is key to achieving financial Lagom. When applying the Lagom mindset, you must be more aware of your spending habits. Check your last statement every time and why not make a spreadsheet for your finances? Better yet, simply note down your expenditure in a notebook which you can take with you wherever you go! Being up to date on your bank balance and knowing everything is in order, is one of the best ways to reduce stress levels. We all know that our money is precious, so spend less and save more.

    Simple Style

    Lagom is found in the balance between simplicity and harmony. It’s not about making excessive changes and going overboard, but keeping your lifestyle fresh and minimal. So, ensure you get the Lagom look. Why not opt for a neutral-coloured, yet stylish scarf? Make sure you buy less clothes and concentrate on quality, good designs to bring that touch of Scandinavian minimalism to your wardrobe. 2017 is going to be all about classic shapes, simple combinations and paired-back elegance.

    Eat in season

    The Swedes are very engaged with the concept of eating food in the appropriate seasons, so why not follow suit. Making in-season meals is a great way of monitoring your health, as eating what’s fresh and local goes a long way to supporting your body’s natural nutritious needs. It’s also good for the environment and can help you keep the costs down.

    Adopting this new trend is a great way to reduce stress and pursue a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle. It’s never a bad time to make positive lifestyle changes, so why not give Lagom a try and find your personal life balance. Just remember: Lagom är bäst (Just the right amount)!

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