About Us

Rui [ rūī || rooai ] noun. Pron ‘Rooi’ - Hindi for Cotton

It all began for us with cotton. In fact, our family has been involved in the cotton trade for generations… so much so that our family name, Ruia, actually means cotton. That’s why we’re called Rooi.com. We’ve created a place where you can find the very best cotton bed linens, interior design and lifestyle products to help you create your own unique look for your home. 

Rooi.com has beautiful Indian and Egyptian cotton linens, opulent throws and bedspreads, sophisticated candles and cushions, plus hand-decorated scarves, elegant stationery and much more. We’d call our style classic but contemporary. It’s a modern, East-meets-West fusion of home décor influences that very much reflects our own passion for luxurious fabrics and designer style. .

We’ve personally sourced every product, each chosen for its style and quality, bringing beautiful colours and exotic textures to every home, with several lines that have been created exclusively for Rooi.com by wonderful companies who share our love for luxurious, high quality fabrics.


When we select a product, we ask ourselves three questions. Does it say something? Does it delight the senses? Does it make us happy? If the answer is yes, it finds a place here at Rooi.com and hopefully, in your home too. We hope you love our collection as much as we do.